What Makes Your Shop Stand Out?

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Do You Put Your Best Foot Forward In Front of Customers?

There’s a lot of competition and customers are looking for a shop that is set apart from the others. Do you talk about what makes you stand above the rest?

Get Ahead of the Competition

There are so many choices for everything now. As consumers, we can quickly look at the top 10 of something and make a quick decision on where we are going. So what is going on with our thought process when we make these decisions? Why did you choose the last place you ate at? Why did you choose the last hotel you stayed at? Why did you choose the last plumber you used? Think about this from your shop’s perspective. What’s going to make someone choose you over others?

Everyone typically goes through a similar run down. We look at that company’s website, social media pages, Google My Business page, and reviews (and if you’re like me, you specifically look at the negative reviews first to see how they were handled). Once that’s done and we have it narrowed down to a few options, then what?

We look to see what’s different. Who stands out from the others?

We Asked Auto Shops What They Do

I recently polled a few shop owners that run successful, well-respected shops. These are some of the things they make sure to showcase on social, their website, or make sure they are talking about to customers:

“I know it sounds cliche, but I think service with a smile. All too often, people treat their customers as a nuisance. They are short and to the point. We always put ourselves in the customer’s shoes. Make them feel at home and take the worry away by making them feel comfortable.”

– Nicole, VF Auto

“Customer service and transparency!”

– Kim, CS Automotive

“We put fresh cookies in every car, beyond the cookies, we spend a lot of time educating and consulting with customers. We’re also known as the cleanest shop around, by vendors and customers.”

– Reggie, Reggie’s Motorworks

“We have a QC person on staff to ensure all cars go out as they should.”

– Jay, Carmedix

“No commission-based employees and being owner-operated is a huge thing that people love.”

– Kyle, Foreign Motorcars

We’re Here to Help!

You’ll notice that each of these shops does something unique, and it gives plenty of inspiration for new ideas. So, what’s your shops’ differentiator? What will make you stand above the rest? Remember, this could be the thing that causes someone to choose to do business with you over your competitors. As your automotive marketing team, Autoshop Solutions would be happy to help you share your uniquities with your customers!

Written by Tony Mercury

Tony Mercury is the Sales Director for Autoshop Solutions. He works closely with all internal teams to make sure we are offering the best solutions and marketing for our clients. If you call his desk phone he’s probably not in the office, odds are he’s traveling for a trade show, conference, or business meeting. Asides from work travel, he also likes to explore new places with his Wife and has seen quite a bit of the world outside of Apex, North Carolina. He also claims to be an amateur chef and can be often found behind the stove at his house or reading a cookbook he got from the local library.

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