A Plan for Finding Recruits

How Do We Keep Good People?

How Do We Keep Good People?

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How Do We Keep Good People?

Overcoming the Hurdle With An Apprenticeship Program

One piece of building a successful business is maintaining success. The climb is much easier than sustaining. You have established a hiring and onboarding process and found worthy people. How do you plan to keep them? You may want to ask yourself, “How am I using my young talent?”

One idea to accomplish this and overcome the shortage of workers is through an apprenticeship program. Apprenticeships can help a young person in more ways than you may recognize. It benefits shop owners in grooming future leaders.

Some benefits include:

  • Promotes a positive culture and encourages young people to work
  • Reduces costs and increases revenue
  • Attracts the right people who are motivated to learn and share new ideas
  • Provides training and highlights a career path
  • Government funding, employer incentives, and instruction reimbursement grants
  • Expands workforce and allows growth opportunities
  • Allows mentors to build relationships and improves retention

How you go about organizing your program depends on your needs. One idea is to work with others in your community. You may talk with high schools or community colleges to find young recruits, assist with developing classroom training or better-existing programs. State apprenticeship agencies can help determine if a program is in place or assist with building one. Local or state organizations, job boards, Career Days, websites, and guest speakers are all avenues that can lead you to recruits or partners in an apprenticeship program.

A successful apprenticeship will offer:

  • The right person to serve as a mentor
  • Encouragement for the younger generation
  • A positive team culture with relationship building and trust
  • Goals and a career path
  • Regular pay increases
  • A strong team with promotions within
  • Community outreach and participation

Apprenticeships are proven to work, and they help teach qualifications needed within the industry. Recruits learn firsthand how to work in a shop, be part of a team, and conduct themselves in a professional environment. Overall, they learn the industry, but you present them with an opportunity to learn your business. The process builds leaders in the industry, and it builds your shop in the process.

Visit https://www.dol.gov/agencies/eta/apprenticeship/contact to find the apprenticeship contact in your state.

To learn more about apprenticeship programs, start a program, or promote a program visit https://www.apprenticeship.gov/

For a toolkit to build a registered apprenticeship program visit https://www.doleta.gov/oa/employers/apprenticeship_toolkit.pdf


This blog is the third in a three-part series on finding, recruiting, and keeping good people in the automotive industry. This series focuses on the hiring process, the culture, and apprenticeship in the auto repair shop industry.

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