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How Blogs Help Your Auto Repair Shop Marketing

How Blogs Help Your Auto Repair Shop Marketing

Why and How We Use Blogs

Why write blogs? And how do you know what to write them about? If you have questions about online content marketing, this one’s for you! As part of our RPM Program, Autoshop Solutions provides custom blog content for auto repair shops. Here’s an explanation of our blog services.

Supporting SEO

Much of the work we do points back to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is a critical piece of successful online marketing. Your auto repair shop’s blogs are no exception. Each one is customized to support your website’s SEO performance. Here’s how it works:

Shop Example:

Shop A is a general auto repair shop. They offer essential maintenance services, like oil changes, brake repair, and wheel alignment.

It’s our job at Autoshop Solutions to make sure that Shop A shows up in results when someone near them searches something like “brake repair near me,” or “where can I get an oil change?” So, we write a page about each of these services – oil change, brake repair, and wheel alignment – to go on their website. That lets search engines know that Shop A does that kind of work. But we don’t stop there!

Regularly posting blogs on key topics improves SEO performance, which helps sites rank higher and get found by more people. So to make sure Shop A shows up when someone searches for “brake repair near me,” we regularly write blogs specifically focused on brake repair for them. That tells search engines that Shop A really knows a lot about brake repair and is a good resource for it! And we do the same for their other major services.

Choosing Blog Topics

1. Identify Target Keywords

We start by looking at the marketing campaign to identify the important services to target. Shop A wanted to focus on maintenance services like brake repair and wheel alignment, but maybe you’re a Euro shop that wants to focus on German makes or a transmission shop that needs to focus on services like transmission rebuilds and flushes. We pick topics that are most relevant to your business and goals.

2. Assess Keyword Rankings

Next, we use Autoshop Lab to see how your site currently ranks for specific keywords like ‘oil changes’ or ‘BMW repair’ in search results. When it’s time for your next blog, we choose the topic based on the keyword that’s ranking relatively the lowest to help build authority for queries related to that search term.

3. Write & Publish the Content

Once we know which keyword needs some supportive content, we get to writing blogs on that topic! If it looks like Shop A’s lowest ranking keyword is ‘Wheel Alignment,’ we will write an SEO optimized blog for it – something like “5 Signs You Need a Wheel Alignment.” Once it’s been reviewed for quality standards, we publish it to the auto repair shop website.

Every individual blog we write is customized to our client and supports their website’s SEO performance. Once your website is done, we don’t stop working! We’re constantly measuring and monitoring performance and giving keywords a boost with new blog content where needed to keep your shop on top!

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