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"You Are The Expert" - But WE Are A Team

“You Are The Expert” – But WE Are A Team

When you’re starting a marketing program and building a website, there are a lot of options. It can be difficult to figure out where to start and what you need to do. That is where we want to help! We are here to guide you through everything from website design, to choosing SEO keywords, to responding to customer reviews. This process, however, is a two-way street.

Though we are the experts, your feedback matters!

Often times we hear “But you guys are the experts!” That doesn’t mean you don’t have a say – you do and we want to hear it. Our goal is to represent you, your shop, and your brand as best as we can to potential customers – which means we need your help!


There are some design features that we recommend because we know they work. From the size of your banner images to maps in the footer of each page – we have studied what users like to see in website design. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t have a say! There is a lot that goes into your design besides the key pieces we make sure to include.

We want to make sure the design fits your brand! If your shop focuses on classic car restoration, a sleek, modern site may not be the best fit. If your logo and branding are red, we don’t want to have a green color scheme. It is important that we find a mix of the best practices and your shop’s voice.


When choosing your SEO keywords, it is important to know what services you want to drive traffic for. We can tell you which have a higher search volume and which are more competitive, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for you. Just because the keyword “oil change” has a high search volume, doesn’t mean you must choose it. If you want to drive traffic for high-cost repairs, that isn’t the right keyword for you. Even if you focus on transmissions, but you already have a steady flow of repairs coming in, you may want to focus on another service you’d like to drive more traffic for.

Our goal is to collaborate with you to find the right keywords to meet your goals!


Responding to online reviews is important, especially to negative ones. It can be tricky getting the wording right, especially when you first start responding. Our team can help guide you in your response! Often times, when a customer leaves a negative review, it is about a specific incident. We think a genuine response including details of the experience is a great way to respond to negative reviews.

Also, the responses should be written in the same tone as your brand. Whether on your website, on a review, or in person – there should be a common thread in the voice of your shop. With your collaboration, we can find that voice together.

The online marketing space is always changing, which can make it overwhelming. We are here to help you navigate through it all. But instead of just thinking of us as “the experts,” think of us as part of your team. Working together, we will be successful.

Jordan Wise

Jordan Wise