Why Your Shop Needs Video Content - Autoshop Solutions

Your time is valuable. We understand that. Why should you as a shop owner take time from your day to focus on creating video content to represent your brand?

1. It’s where your customers are.

First of all, your existing and potential customers are online, watching countless videos daily. Creating video content meets your clientele where they are and makes it easy for them to find your shop.

2. It’s a new trend.

Video marketing isn’t a common tool among auto shops yet. It’s a marketing trend that is on the upswing and will only continue to grow, so your shop will benefit when you jump in as early as possible!

3. It builds your online presence.

Anything you post or share online builds your online assets. More content and information added to your online footprint makes your shop easier to search for, boosts your SEO, and shows that you are willing to do what it takes to communicate with your customers.

4. It helps customers connect with your brand.

Video allows you to engage with your customers in very tangible ways. It adds familiarity and understanding to who you are and what you are about. It’s hard to show excitement over a new service offering or special deal you are running through text alone. Video gives voice and emotion to the information you want to spread. A simple walkthrough video of your shop or introduction of your staff lets potential customers searching online get a feel for your shop without them even stepping foot through your door.

5. It’s the next step.

A website and online reviews are just the start of creating an authentic first impression of you and your culture. Creating video content puts you upfront in the spotlight, showing your audience that you aren’t hiding anything to build their trust and encouraging a lasting connection. Update videos or quick shop check-in videos also keep current customers engaged, as they can see the passion of people they know and trust. The extent of your purposes for video is never ending!

We have helped clients create banners for their social media pages and websites, service explanations, employee spotlights, about-us sections, and more — all with video! Any combination of these elements can help you build a lasting impression. We’d love to talk to more about video content creation and management for your shop. Join the video marketing movement and start a conversation with us today!

Stephen Smith

Stephen Smith