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After your Facebook page is up and running, what’s next? Sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in a rut, but Facebook actually offers a ton of features that will help you connect with your customers in new ways. Check out these tips on FREE ways to do more with your shop’s page:

1. Messenger’s Response Assistant

More and more, people are learning that they can talk to companies easily and conveniently via Facebook Messenger. The big brands are already doing it, so why shouldn’t you? Response Assistant allows you to easily send automatic responses, away messages, and more – so your customers get a response even when you’re busy. Follow these steps to try it out:

1. Visit your shop’s Facebook Page.
2. Click on Settings in the upper-right corner.
3. Click Messaging on the left column.
4. Scroll down to Response Assistant and start by adjusting these settings:

a. Send Instant Replies to anyone who messages your Page.
b. Stay responsive when you can’t get to your computer or phone (away message).
c. Show a Messenger Greeting.

2. Add a Book Now button to your Page

Make it easy for your customers to request appointments by adding a button directly to your page! You can direct it back to your website’s scheduling page, Google Calendar, or even book the appointments on Facebook itself. Here’s how to set it up:

1. Visit your shop’s Facebook Page.
2. Under your cover image on the bottom right, you can add or edit a button.
3. Select the Book with You button.
4. Then choose where you want the button to send appointment requests!

3. Verify Your Facebook Page facebook-check-mark

It seems small and insignificant, but that little blue verified check mark can add a lot of trust and credibility to your shop! With duplicate pages and scammy businesses out there, this small comfort immediately says “this is a legitimate business, and you’re in the right place.” Get your page verified with this quick & easy process:

1. Visit your shop’s Facebook Page.
2. Click on Settings in the upper-right corner.
3. Click General on the left column.
4. Find Page Verification and click Edit.
5. Enter your shop’s publicly listed phone number and click Call Me Now.
Facebook will call you with a verification code to confirm you’re at the business your Page represents.
6. Enter the verification code on your screen and click Continue.
7. That’s it – you’re verified! facebook-check-mark

4. Use Facebook’s Styled Post Options

Last year, Facebook launched new Facebook Post options that offer you more ways to post and engage with your customers. They’ll show up at the top of your shop’s Facebook page where you normally write a text post. Try some of these for your shop!

1. Get bookings
2. Create an offer (Highlight that new discount you’re offering!)
3. Publish a job post
4. Call-to-actions: get bookings, messages, or phone calls & help people find your business
5. Create a poll (Chips or candy in the waiting area?)
6. Create an event

At the end of the day, these quick Facebook changes can make the difference between staying ahead or falling behind. Make sure your customers are able to interact with your shop in ways that work for them! Let us know what you’ve tried and whether these tips work for your shop.

Joel Fogleman

Joel Fogleman