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Track Customers with the Facebook Ad Pixel

Over the past year or so, Facebook ads have grown in ability both in their option for ads and, now, in their reporting methods. Traditionally, ad users have had to rely on Facebook’s ad insights to measure their results. The data there gave information about the ads performance on Facebook, but there was no easy way to see what customers were doing once they went to the website from Facebook. To help bridge this gap, Facebook integrated pixels. A pixel is a line of code that can be placed on the website to better track results from the ads.

Custom Audience Pixel (deprecated)

The Custom Audience Pixel served as Facebook’s remarketing tool. In the same way as Google remarketing, Facebook ads would be shown to people who had visited your website and also target users like the users of your website.

Conversion Tracking Pixel (soon to be deprecated)

The Conversion Tracking Pixel works in much the same way as Google Analytics, in that it allows you to see what users are doing once they’ve gone to your site from Facebook. This includes checkout, submitting a form, or downloading a pdf.

While both of these pixels helped ad users, it was cumbersome using two different codes. So, Facebook is getting rid of the above pixels, and moving towards one dedicated pixel.

Facebook Pixel

Via Facebook Business Help

Via Facebook Business Help

As the chart above shows, the new Facebook Pixel combines the abilities of both the Custom Audience and Conversion Tracking pixels. It also adds an additional benefit of being able to set custom conversion measures including when customers view certain pieces of content, completes registration, or even uses the search feature.

What does this mean for you?

Here at Autoshop Solutions, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of new technology! Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be implementing the new Facebook Pixel on all of our social client’s websites. For current and future Facebook ads users, we will soon be able to deliver more detailed results of the ads and better optimize ads for continued success.

Not using Facebook ads yet? Not a problem! Check out our blog on our favorite types of Facebook Ads and some great results we’ve had from them. If you’re interested in seeing how Facebook ads can help your shop’s business page, give us a call! Our Social Media Specialists are ready to help you!

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