The Importance of Your Shop Story | Autoshop Solutions

Why You Should Share It

At Autoshop Solutions, we take pride in offering custom content for all of our websites. We’re not looking to add in the same “cookie cutter” content that visitors glaze over. We want to bring you content that resonates your style, persona, and message, all while generating buzz about your business. To accomplish that, our team takes the time to thoroughly research your online presence and see what makes your business unique. But along with that, we also ask our clients to fill out a survey filled with questions that allow you to really pump up your business.

With only a couple minutes of your time, you can really ensure the content on your website is uniquely “you.” Here’s why your business’ story is so important, and why you need to share it.

It Makes You Personable

Many of us quickly recognize when the content we read isn’t appealing or applicable to us. In fact, many of us glaze over unengaging content within the first two to three lines. Many people combat this by adding in bolded or capitalized letters to garner attention, but that doesn’t really solve the problem. To ensure your client base is sold on your message, you need to share why you do what you do. Why did you open up the shop? Why do you offer free shuttle service & loaner vehicles? By taking the time to explain the root of your business and the services provided, it makes your business personable with customers who might interact with you. It also allows our writers to really hone in on your idea and craft a message that truly resonates your personality and mission.

Locals Will Recognize You

One thing many readers enjoy is seeing the things they’ve read about in real life. Whether it’s about a fun festival they saw online or a beautiful painting they read about in a book, they love to see that in person. The same happens when you talk about your shop. Take the time to scan your business and look for items or aspects of your shop that makes you stand out. Maybe you have a cat that roams around the store, or maybe you have a jukebox where customers can select their songs (some of our clients actually have this!). When your client reads about it and then sees it, not only will it build excitement and credibility, but it will also be a cool little “reward” for reading the content! They may even approach you about it!

Keep Them Informed

Our writers want to make sure that your customers understand all of the services you have available to them. We understand how frustrating it must be for a potential customer to go someplace else because they didn’t know you offered a specific service. By taking the time to share your services (and maybe why you offer specific ones), it gives your customers a comprehensive understanding of how you can help them with all of their auto solutions!

By taking the time to share your business story, you set your website and business up for long-term success. Learn how Autoshop Solutions can utilize your story to craft a website that’s unique to your business!

Michael Avila

Michael Avila