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Social Media Marketing

Why You Need It:

Your customers are already there. 80% of consumers prefer to interact with a brand through Facebook. You need to connect and engage with customers where they already interact and spend most of their online time.

Boost word-of-mouth marketing. Social media extends the reach of your content, offers a valuable communication platform with your customers, nurtures loyalty and builds new leads.

Build your online reputation. Your social media presence builds trust and loyalty. The proof is in the numbers: People are 51% more likely to buy after ‘liking’ a brand on Facebook.

What Will Autoshop Solutions and Social Media Marketing Mean for Me?

Want to increase customer loyalty and returning customers? This client saw a 1,221% increase in local Facebook fans that really do like him.

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72% of Internet users are on Facebook for an average of 21 minutes each day. Make sure they’re seeing your brand and thinking about their next auto repair need.

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Named as one of the Best Places to Work in 2014, we have the industry’s best people and the best customer service. We deliver on commitments and strive for a flawless customer service experience and help you achieve marketing success!

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Benefits to You:

Higher Search Rankings. Search engines are taking more and more cues from social media, increasing the importance of having an active social network presence to improve your rankings and get found.

More customers. Facebook handles close to 1 billion searches per day, rivaling Google in total search volume. Many of these searches are for local brand or company pages.

Love for your brand.

What we do:

Expand your brand. We create a unified, branded experience for your customers across all social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Google Local.

Build your community. We build your social media presence around your geographical location. We create 100% custom posts for your social media channels, and target your local audience with keyword-rich posts and fun, engaging content.

Monitor feedback and mentions. Our social monitoring tools quickly inform you of new leads, respond immediately to potential customers who engage your brand, and monitor online reviews.

You can’t afford not to have an active Facebook page.