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What Is RPM, Anyways?

Really Powerful Marketing. That’s all there is to it. Our RPM program is custom-built for the automotive industry, starting from the name itself down to each and every finely-tuned component. After considering several fancy, jargony names to dub the program, we decided to cut through the nonsense and call it what it is. Meet RPM: Really Powerful Marketing for the automotive industry.

RPM is an all-inclusive website and marketing program that’s here to reduce your stress (It’s not Hakuna Matata, but it does mean ‘no worries.’). With 5 available packages, you’ll have increasingly powerful service options to match your shop’s goals. The “all-inclusive” bit refers to your new custom-designed website and full-scale marketing services – including SEO, PPC, Social Media, Review Management, and beyond. The “reduce your stress” bit means that our team will save you time, headaches, and, when at all possible, money.

Why Do I Need RPM?

✅ Beat the Competition

Whether you’re in an extremely competitive area with dozens of shops nearby, or have just a couple of local shops in town, you’ll find a level of RPM that’s tailored for you and is ready to push you to the next level. With RPM’s full-scale marketing program, you’ll have a strong online presence across the board: organic, paid, social, reviews, newsletters, etc.

✅ Make a Name for Yourself (& Your Shop)

Beyond just having a strong online presence, a powerful marketing program like RPM will help to establish your brand even more. With consistent, tasteful, and effective design and marketing strategies, your website will always be working to boost your brand. This is carried across your social media and advertising so that your customers are left with a great impression of your shop. Not to mention, they also get a user-friendly experience on all devices, which means they’ll interact with your brand in new ways.

✅ Trust Your Marketing to Experts

We get it – finding a trustworthy marketing agency can be tough. We’re here to make it simple with transparency, expertise, and a dedication to the automotive industry. After all, RPM was built by marketing experts just to offer shops like yours expert marketing. By putting your trust in our team, we can push your shop to the next level and drive your shop forward.

P.S. If that’s not enough reason to trust our word, how about our 6×6 Guarantee? For qualified shops – and for a limited time only – we’re guaranteeing that we’ll increase your website traffic, year-over-year, when compared to your previous provider. If we don’t beat it in your first 6 months, we owe you the next 6 free.*

*See terms and conditions. Must be qualified and approved in order to receive the guarantee.

Here’s the Good Stuff:

There’s no way we could detail every fantastic thing about RPM, but here’s a list of the top things to know about each part of the program:

  • Custom-designed website to match your shop
  • Mobile, tablet, and desktop-friendly with responsive web design
  • Packed with powerful SEO content and engaging features
Search Engine Optimization:
  • Highly targeted keyword traffic
  • Rank higher in search engines over time
  • Drive more organic search traffic
  • Advertise on Google, Bing, and Facebook
  • Highly-targeted campaigns drive conversions
Social Media:
  • Engaging social media content
  • Various types of posts (pictures, text, graphics, etc.)
  • Customized posts, tailored to your industry and your brand
Review Management:
  • Monitor your online reviews
  • Get help boosting your reviews
  • Stay top-of-mind with newsletters delivered to your customers’ inboxes
  • Boost your search engine presence
  • Provide useful information to your customers
NAP Management:
  • Clean up your directory listings across the web
  • Boost your SEO
Tracking & Reporting:
  • Listen back to recorded calls
  • Know your numbers with our interactive reporting dashboard, the Autobahn™

So…How Much Is RPM?

Now we’re getting to the nitty gritty. Is all of this greatness going to be worth your time and your dime? With 5 levels packed with all-inclusive website and marketing services tailored to match your shop’s budget and goals – you bet it’s worth it.


*Monthly cost shown. Additional one-time setup cost as applicable.

Ready to Put the Pedal to the Metal?

If you’re ready to get the ultimate stress relief for a busy shop owner, then you’re ready for RPM. Our crew of experts will explain each level of RPM – all you have to do is make the decision to drive your shop forward.

Joel Fogleman

Joel Fogleman