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Autoshop Solutions is Proud to Partner with PPG

Show Special for PPG MVP 2022 Attendees - 75% Off Set Up Fees April 10th through May 31st*

Autoshop Solutions uses modern web design practices and rich automotive imagery to help your business look its best to website visitors. Your shop’s hours, address, and phone number are easy to find, expertly designed with user experience and conversions in mind. Supported by our uniquely automotive targeted marketing services, our websites help our clients grow by getting them more cars in their bays!

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*Show Special - 75% Off Set Up Fees. This offer is effective April 10, 2022 through June 30, 2022. Some limitations apply.


RPM has everything under the hood to drive more customers to your shop. We tinker with each part of the program to optimize results and help you achieve your goals at your ideal budget. Regardless of the level you choose, you’ll get all the parts that make up an effective digital marketing program, including a powerful website with custom content, pay-per-click marketing, search engine optimization, and social media. Like the tires on a car, you won’t get very far if one of these falls flat!