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Optimizing Paid Search While The World Is On Pause

Tips from the Experts at Autoshop Solutions

We are all aware of the COVID-19 global pandemic that is putting a strain on the health of both our population and economy. Social distancing is keeping at-risk people safe but is requiring businesses to become more creative to stay open. These are roads we have yet to travel, but we at Autoshop Solutions are here to help you navigate this unprecedented terrain.

In terms of automotive paid search, our experts have a few recommendations and reminders of how to optimize your budget during this uncertain time.

Don’t Stop Paid Search

People are still searching! Auto repair is considered an essential business, and you need to make sure that your customers know your shop is open and that they can still bring their cars to you (or have them picked up with special services). Paid search campaigns will get your name in front of users. You may even be able to gain new customers that are looking for a shop that is open and find you because of your ads.

While people may not be out and about, they are at home — on their computers and phones. You need to make sure that your name is top of mind because even if customers aren’t leaving their homes now, they will once the pandemic comes to an end. Running ads now can help you earn business later.

Help Us Help You

Let us know if you have changed your hours or what strategies you’ve put in place to maintain social distancing. We can change your ad copy to reflect your changes. Are you adding extra sanitation practices? Are you offering concierge services? Tell your Customer Success Manager at Autoshop Solutions what you have put in place to stay open and we can edit your ads to let customers know.

Your Budget Is Safe

Google only charges you when people click on your ad. If your budget isn’t used completely during the month, it will roll over to the next cycle. When everything returns to normal, you will still have any money that wasn’t used on ads and can increase your budget with the rollover funds when customers are finally able to leave their homes. This allows you to push your ads harder in the months following the pandemic.

Pivot To Other Channels

If you have a large budget in Google Ads that isn’t fully utilized at the moment, we recommend looking to other channels at this time. Facebook ads could be especially useful in the current situation. People are sitting at home, scrolling through Facebook as they try to pass the time. We recommend delegating up to 25% of your current pay-per-click budget over to Facebook Ads.

We’re Here For You

Autoshop Solutions is keeping a close eye on the trends of paid search in our industry, and we are regularly updating our practices as markets continue to change. Just remember, this will come to an end. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you have. Our team is here to help you get through this! Eventually, things will be business as usual, but right now we must all come together, think creatively, and keep the world spinning.

Elizabeth Myers

Elizabeth Myers