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An Official Warning Goes Out to Site Owners

An Official Warning Goes Out to Site Owners

When Google Issues A Warning, We Listen.

The Next Google Mobile Algorithm update is set for May

Google recently put out a warning to site owners if their page wasn’t mobile ready. Generally speaking, when Google makes these types of moves, it means they are about to update their algorithm. This time, it is all about being mobile friendly. About a year ago, Jessica warned of this as well with her blog post, Google Says Your Website Must Be Mobile-Friendly ASAP.

People are searching on mobile devices more than desktops

Mobile search has increased throughout the years, and now more than half of searches on Google happen on mobile devices. They are saying that this update will increase the effects of the mobile-friendly ranking system. If your site is already mobile-friendly and using responsive website design, then you are in luck. This update will not impact you. This update could potentially increase your rankings.

What is responsive website design?

Responsive website design is used to make your website more fluid between operating systems, browsers, and platforms. In layman’s terms, it makes pages look great at any size no matter what kind of device you are using.

Why, Google, Why?

Google has made this move in order to help users find the information they need, regardless if they are browsing on a tablet, phone, desktop or anything in between. Initial reports suggest that this will be a slow roll out, much like the slow Panda 4.2, but nothing has been made clear as of now. There is a lot of information for Google to parse and access with every page, so that may be why the roll out will be gradual. If you are wondering if your site is mobile-friendly, you can check the Google Mobile Friendly tool, and for more information in general, check Google’s Mobile Guidelines.

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