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If you’re an admin on your shop’s Facebook page, you may have noticed you now have some great new options for creating posts. These advanced options allow you to integrate Facebook call-to-actions (CTAs) into your posts via buttons or widgets.

These CTAs are a great way to move your customers further down the path to purchase. Here are a few ways you can integrate these options into your Facebook posts.

1. Get Bookings/Get Phone Calls

These widgets allow you to add “Book Now” and “Call Now” buttons to your Facebook posts. The “Book Now” button will let you add a link back to the schedule page of your website. The “Call Now” button will initiate a call via the user’s mobile device. Create relevant text and imagery to further connect with your audience and encourage them to make a trip into your shop.

2. Help People Find Your Business

Are you opening a new shop or expanding to an additional location? Use this widget to help people find your business. This widget will incorporate a “Get Directions” button that will load a maps program to help your potential customers know exactly where your shop is located.

3. Create An Event

We’re huge fans of creating events for your business! Whether it’s a grand opening or a car care clinic, inviting the public to your shop is a great way to connect with your local community and gain exposure. This widget will allow you to create an event page and promote it via a Facebook post.

Check out our blogs on Promoting Facebook Events and Driving Success at Events for more info on successfully launching an event.

4. Start a Live Video

Have you gone live yet? Facebook loves to promote videos so whenever there is something exciting happening in your shop, stream it live! Birthday celebrations, interesting vehicles, and unique service issues are all great opportunities to go live. This will give your followers a good taste of your shop’s personality and environment.


Facebook is always finding new and exciting ways to help brands promote their business! If you have questions or would like to see what social media can do for your shop, give us a call! Our Social Media team is always ready to help!

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