Why Do I Need a Properly Coded Website?

Is a Well Coded Website Really THAT Important?

Properly Coded Website

As a web developer, I am often approached by acquaintances and friends to look at their websites and evaluate why its performance is subpar. Naturally, this is a double-edged sword because I want to be honest with people but also do not want to lead them astray when I find their site is poorly designed, coded or just plain outdated. More often than not I find their site performs poorly because it was built using one of the many free online template generators. These are marketed as a quick and easy method to get your website up and running in minutes. Heck, you can even drag and drop your pictures, move text around to the layout you prefer and choose a color scheme. The sky seems like the limit. The truth is – the limit is a poorly built, bloated website that will never fully perform well in the eyes of search engines.

What? But Why?

The fact of the matter is the systems that enable someone to drag and drop page elements and dramatically shift your website’s design on the fly also produces a lot of back end code that essentially gets in the way of what you really want the search engines to index. These are designed as an entry-level option to allow someone with no web presence to get their feet wet, so to speak. To truly grow your online presence, nothing will outperform a custom coded, well designed website. To use an automotive analogy, an online website builder is a kin to the person who loves to tinker with his car on the weekend. This may be fine for changing oil or swapping out brake pads, but most would leave transmission or engine work to a professional certified mechanic.

How to Ensure You Have a Properly Coded Website

I understand the simplicity and relative quickness with which a business owner is able to have a website is a huge draw. This is what the drag and drop online website builders rely upon. The only real way to be certain your website is properly coded is to hire a reputable web development or marketing firm. Preferably, a company the specializes in your industry. Autoshop Solutions has perfected creating custom websites for the automotive industry that consistently outperform its competitor’s websites, and a huge reason for this is the websites are built properly. We offer various options for shops of all sizes. Contact us to explore our custom website options. We even offer a less expensive template option, but unlike the drag and drop variety, ours is a properly coded system that gives its site owners room to customize without sacrificing performance. You will find more information on Automarketing Express here. Remember, a house is only as strong as its foundation, and the the code behind your website provides that foundation.

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