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If you Google social media marketing, you will get back about 258 million results in .72 seconds. With all that information available, it can be hard to separate know what is true and what is not. Some of the information out there is outdated, improbable, or just simply not true. Today, we’re going to clear up 7 of the most common social media myths.

Myth #1: A brand needs to be represented on each and every social media site.

Fact: It is better to be great on one platform than just ok on several. Social media is about representing your brand to your audience. You want to focus your efforts on the sites that your customers visit the most. Focus on putting out quality content rather than posting on all the platforms that you know of.

Myth #2: Lots of followers = Success

Fact: Social media algorithms are engineered in such a way that you will never reach all of the fans of your pages. Your content will be shown to those who have interacted with you and that could include people outside of your fan base. While having a lot of followers can be a good thing, it’s just a part of the recipe for success on social media.

Myth #3: Social media is free, so there’s no need to spend money on ads.

Fact: While it’s free to create a page and post content, reaching the people you want to reach is not free, especially on Facebook. Incorporating Facebook ads, even on a small scale, can help boost your content’s reach exponentially.

Myth #4: Social media is for selling my product.

Fact: If your brand was a person, social media would be its personality. Social media is all about connecting with your customers and building a relationship. Pushing sales exclusively will alienate your audience and lead to a decrease in engagement.

Myth #5: Ignoring negative feedback will make it go away.

Fact: Bad publicity spreads faster than good publicity. If any type of negative feedback shows up on your social pages, do not ignore it or try to delete it. Respond to it once in a professional manner. If the person responds to your response, do not respond. You do not want to be a part of a confrontation on your page. Read our blog for some tips for responding to negative reviews.

Myth #6: Social media does nothing for SEO.

Fact: Google loves to see that you’re busy on the internet. Make sure your social pages have your same name, address, and phone number (NAPs) that are on your Google Business Listing so Google can find you. Google not only wants to see that you have social profiles, they also want to see that you’re active and that the people who follow you are engaging with you. Make sure you’re posting regular, engaging content so you can get a boost in your SEO.

Myth #7: Social media is easy.

Fact: While it can be fun to post and interact with customers, social media takes time and work to be used at its full potential. Taking pictures, writing content, analyzing the insights, creating ads, and keeping up with comments and messages all take time.

Social media is an important part of your omnichannel marketing strategy. Have questions about how to expand your social media presence? Contact us today!

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