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When it comes to Google AdWords, misinformation is everywhere. It stems from the friend you have running Google AdWords in-house, from a Google AdWords “expert” or the 50 million search results for “Google AdWords.” We know it’s out there, and we’re here to debunk some of the common AdWords myths marketers frequently hear from clients.

Myth #1: People don’t click on AdWords Ads.

Fact: Consumers in all markets click on Google AdWords ads. Take a look at any advertisers account and this myth is debunked. The great thing about Google AdWords is it’s technically a free advertising service. You don’t pay for the space on Google — you only pay if someone clicks on your ad! As long as you have relevant keywords, compelling ad copy and a moderate budget, your user-friendly website will receive pre-qualified traffic from Google AdWords. You may not click on Ads in a Google search, but your potential customers will.

Myth #2: Competitors can clicks on my Ads and deplete my budget.

Fact: Google’s technology is extremely sophisticated can detect if click traffic is coming from the same source repeatedly. It’s more complex than simply tracking an IP address and pays attention to click patterns. Google has a dedicated team for detecting invalid clicks and runs two different tests to detect invalid clicks. As it happens, the system analyzes the click and if it’s invalid, you won’t be charged for the click. If somehow an invalid click makes it past that first test, Google runs a second test and any invalid clicks will be credited to the account. According to Google Support, invalid clicks include:

Myth #3: AdWords is too expensive for small businesses.

Fact: You control the budget. AdWords is only as expensive as you allow it to be. For as little as $10/day, auto repair, transmission, auto body and tire shops can see great return on a relatively small investment. Don’t be daunted by the big spenders of corporate chains. While corporate business may have larger budgets, an advertiser can work within your budget to get you quality traffic.

Myth #4:Google just wants to take my money.

Fact: Yes, Google is a $90 billion dollar industry. Yes, you can give away valuable dollars with a poorly optimized campaign. However, with an optimized account with relevant keywords, quality ad copy and conversion tracking, you’re going to benefit just as much as Google AdWords does. Control your budget and AdWords will never spend more dollars than you’ve allotted in your Google AdWords account.

It’s important to consult with a Certified Google AdWords professional with questions about running a Google AdWords campaign. A certified professional – like any of our Account Managers – has passed a series of exams demonstrating Google AdWords knowledge. So who you gonna call [when you have AdWords questions]? The MythBusters at Autoshop Solutions!

Abby Lancaster

Abby Lancaster