Mythbusters: Debunking General Marketing Myths - Part II - Autoshop Solutions

Myth #6: Only big companies can afford marketing.

False: Marketing can be expensive – we get it. But the great news is that it doesn’t have to break the bank! When it comes to marketing, you always have a full range of options available, from the bare minimum all the way to a full-scale strategy. If you’re not ready for something full-scale, don’t be afraid to ask whether there are any less expensive options available. When your marketing agency truly cares about your business, they’ll suggest the best options that fit within your budget. A program on the lower end may not be as lucrative or quick to show results, but that doesn’t mean it will be useless. The end goal is as important as the journey to getting there!

Myth #7: We can hire people to complete individual marketing services without a unified strategy and yield the same results.

False: If there are so many areas of marketing, each of which has its own expertise, what’s the point in working with a singular company for them? Couldn’t you just hire out each individual aspect of your marketing? Yes, technically you could – but in doing so, you’re putting your marketing at a huge risk.
Not only is there unnecessary complication when working with several parties (just think of the back and forth of emails and phone calls alone), but they are unlikely to have the same approaches, opinions and goals. This makes it extremely challenging to find any rewarding success from your marketing efforts. If you utilize a team that is familiar with one another, has no issues with disclosure of information, and is on the same page for your overall goals and best practices, you’re going to experience a much smoother operation that will lead to a more successful marketing campaign in the long run.

Myth #8: If marketing brings me new leads, I’ll make more money.

½ True: This is ultimately up to you and your team members. Marketing is crucial for garnering new leads in the form of phone calls, message submissions and walk-ins to your shop. We work hard on your marketing programs to make sure those leads are of high quality. However, once that potential customer makes the decision to contact you, it’s up to your team to seal the deal. If you need help converting those phone leads, read our blog on phone skills. We’re here to pitch you the ball, and it’s up to you to hit a homerun!

Myth #9: There’s nothing I can do to help my marketing – that’s what I pay the experts for.

False: Once you’ve hired an agency to handle your marketing, you might think your work is done. After all, they’re the marketing experts, right? In actuality, there are several things you can do on your own, without marketing experience, that will help your overall online presence and marketing efforts. While your marketing team will be in charge of the heavy lifting, they can do even more great work if you’re involved. To get started, check out these guides on things YOU can do!

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Joel Fogleman

Joel Fogleman