Collision Repair Marketing

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Custom Collision/Auto Body Shop Websites & Responsive Design

As a collision/auto body shop, you want your customers to feel like they can trust you after having a stressful and emotional experience. One of the most effective ways to gain trust online is through a custom website with all of the information potential customers need to easily reach your shop. At Autoshop Solutions, we design websites that adapt to fit the screens for any device your customers might be using, including smartphones and tablets. Going through a car collision is frustrating enough, so we will make sure accessing and viewing your website is as simple as possible – no matter what type of device is being used.

Online Estimate Forms for Your Website & Mobile Device

Getting new business in the door is what your website is for. Making it easy for customers to send you information to get an estimate is what we do! Our collision or glass estimate forms are clean and easy to use and best of all, work great from your desktop or mobile device. That means customers can take pictures with their phone and send directly without having to transfer the pictures to another computer.

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Brand Awareness & Social Media

Alongside your website, it is important to let potential customers get to know you and your shop’s personality through social media outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter & Google+. Not only do these services help build your brand and improve search engine optimization (SEO) of your website, but these social interactions online help reassure your customers that you will not just take care of them – you will take care of them better than any other shop. Your social media presence allows your shop to continually demonstrate how your business truly focuses on helping your customers and will keep your shop name in their minds the next time they may need your services.

Google AdWords PPC Advertising

Your potential customers are searching for a collision/auto body shop to make their vehicle look as if nothing ever happened, and you’re just the shop to help. But can they find you online? Even when not under stress, most people do not look past the first page of search engine results, so it is especially important that your shop shows up as one of the top results in your area. Our pay-per-click advertising through Google AdWords will help potential customers near your location find your shop’s website, where they will be reassured of the quality work your shop provides.

Fully Integrated Marketing Platform
for Your Collision/Auto Body Shop

We are dedicated to providing you high quality products to match the high quality service you deliver everyday to your customers. Mobile-friendly website design, pay-per-click advertising, and social media campaigns all work together to help your customers easily find your shop and reassure them that they are in good hands. Your integrated marketing platform is managed by a team of marketing specialists so that you can keep doing what matters most – taking care of your customers.