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Making Your Reviews Work For You

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Online reviews are one of the most important parts of your customer’s journey to your shop. Before stepping through your doors, many customers are looking on multiple social platforms to read what other people have had to say about your service. Here are a few ways to help you make the most out of your reviews, both positive and negative.

Check Often

Your customers will leave a review on various sites including Google My Business, Facebook, Yelp or others. We recommend checking all your review locations for new posts at least once a week and setting up email notifications to let you know when new posts have arrived. Also, make sure your review sites all have your correct location information and the latest pictures! That way customers will be able to “check in” from their phones and be prompted to leave a review once they leave.

Respond to All Reviews

It’s important to let your customers know you read and acknowledge their reviews. A good way to do this is to respond to all customer reviews. For 5-star reviews, a simple thank you can go a long way. For moderate reviews of 4- or 3-stars, take it a little further. Thank your customer for taking time to write a review, but also invite them to provide more information on what you can do to turn their next service into a 5-star review. Often, these customers are open to telling you more about what they were looking for.

For reviews of 2- or 1-star, use constructive responses to acknowledge your customer’s issue and learn from it. Check out our blog post for details on crafting a responce.

Share on Social Media

A great way to show your appreciation for someone’s review is to share it on social media. This also gives other followers and customers a look into how much you appreciate their opinions, which can lead to more business through word-of-mouth. Sharing a review also gives you an opportunity to personalize your brand by mentioning your customer by name and giving specific feedback.

When a review comes in, that’s not the end of the interaction! Responding and showing your appreciation goes a long way with your customers. Have more questions about review management? Give us a call and learn more about what we’ll soon be offering to help you more with your online reviews!

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