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How to Recognize a Poorly Developed Website - Plus 3 Ways to Fix It

How to Recognize a Poorly Developed Website – Plus 3 Ways to Fix It

Is Your Website a Useful Tool?

While we live in the age of digital, not everyone is up to speed on all things technology; specifically, websites. With everyone obsessing over the latest mobile devices and voice responsive gadgets, one would consider website development to be easy as tying your shoe, or even misinterpret websites as being a dated tool, right?

WRONG; producing a website is no easy task, and it is most certainly a necessary tool in accomplishing any digital marketing goal. Ironically, it’s a lot like fixing a vehicle. There are fundamental components of an efficient website, just as a vehicle is manufactured with fundamental parts, required for it to operate at peak performance. “Your website is the foundation to your digital marketing strategy,” stated Autoshop Solutions’ CEO and Founder, Danny Sanchez, during his Workshop at the 2019 ASTE Tradeshow, in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Methodology Relevant to the Madness

Your website is one of the few digital mediums that is entirely controlled and altered by YOU, the owner. In contrast, consider businesses created solely through social media accounts. Algorithms; used in search functions and application platforms, such as Instagram, for example, are constantly being tested and updated to accomplish the goals of that platform, and/or brand. With your website, you are the technical oz behind the screen, controlling what content your site visitors consume, as well as the preferred user journey experience and design strategy.

Now that you understand why a website is the concrete tool in your really powerful marketing program, let’s address the mandatory components your site needs to perform optimally.

Poorly Developed “Websites”

In the Automotive Industry, many shop owners start by using a landing page, consistent with their branding colors, that often includes their services menu, a small portion of background information about the owner, team, and shop’s establishment, and sometimes a simple contact form for lead generation. The issue with this single page site is that it drives three poorly targeted messages to the audience it’s attempting to convert.

Those poorly communicated messages include:

  1. This business only wants to sell services to increase their bottom line.
  2. This team is not credible – does not elaborate on the services claimed to be specialized in offering.
  3. This business does not allow appointment scheduling online for me to get service ASAP.

No one can expect to be attracted to a business or trust a brand that promotes that type of messaging. If an appointment form is not present on your site, you’ve lost the attention of a potential customer who is looking for service at their earliest convenience. Failing to mention your business’ mission, goals, establishment story, and the local communities you serve, is a missed opportunity to build trust with a potential client. With so many brands online, it’s imperative to cut through the noise of competitors using your own voice and identity.

3 Tips to Fix Your Website

While custom websites are captivating and very useful for medium to large size businesses, customizable themes are equally effective tools to grow your customer base. Strategy is the key in developing a successful, world-class website. Here are three expert tips to help you create a website that’s aesthetically pleasing and valuable.

Strategy 1: Consider Your Main Goal(s) & Objectives

What actions do you want site visitors to take? Are you interested in increasing your shop’s foot traffic for specific services? Are you promoting a specialized service that no other shop in a 50 mile radius of your city can perform? Allow the reality of your business to guide your online strategy.

Strategy 2: Consider Your Business’ Professional Image

What are your operating procedures with customers, day to day? What is your professional tone of voice like in the shop? Are most of your customers locals, or out-of-towners? Have you serviced the area for a short time (> 5 years)? Or was your shop in the area for generations? Is it family owned and operated? New Establishment? What are your branding colors? Allow your honest history to shine through in your digital marketing. Generation X, Millenials, and Gen Z consumers desire to relate ethically to the businesses they work with.

Strategy 3: Consider Your Other Digital Marketing Services

Your online success begins with the website as your foundation. Other digital marketing services, such as SEO, NAP, Review Management, and Pay-per-click -Google and Facebook Ads all work together to reach your online marketing goals. For example, it is important to assess how the specific location content repeated on a few pages of the site, help drive organic (non-paid) search results for people in your area looking for your shop.

Let’s start optimizing your website today! Reach out to the experts at Autoshop Solutions to get started!

Kali Knight

Kali Knight