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There’s No “Wrong” Way

You Can Get Started Right Now!

The means to produce video content yourself are now more attainable than ever and with so many “right” ways to do it, it’s easy to get started! If you think you need really good cameras, lights, and editing software to produce good video content, you have been misled. These tools do make it easier to create compelling videos but are by no means the required tools to begin your video-making journey. We have a few tips to help you start making engaging videos right away, using nothing but the devices you already own!

Video producers could spend hours talking about the different methods, equipment, lighting angles, and audio recording tools. What their preferences show is that video content is more about creativity than it is about having certain equipment. If you want more information about what products could boost the quality of your videos, contact our media specialist for recommendations!

What is more important than the quality of the production and equipment is the quality of the content itself. What you have to say in your videos matters more than how you make it! Informative and engaging videos can be shot on a cell phone and uploaded directly to a YouTube account or social media channels. That is a great (and free!) way to start informing and interacting with customers. Just because you don’t have a huge production budget or fancy equipment, doesn’t mean you can’t start using video content to engage with your customers.

What Makes a Good Video

We recommend keeping your videos informative and concise. Remember that videos under two minutes long get much more engagement than anything longer than that!

If you plan to speak in your video, speak slowly and clearly. It might feel awkward to be on camera, but rest assured the final product will still come out great!

Be wary of background features and sounds while shooting. You don’t want viewers to be distracted from your narrative or message.

Remember, the key purpose is to tell your story or narrative the best you can and represent yourself and your shop well at the same time. Video marketing can benefit you in ways other mediums just can’t. Get started today and create new connections with your audience. Let us know if we can help or if you’re interested in learning more about how our custom videos can boost your business!

Stephen Smith

Stephen Smith