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Get More Qualified Technicians

Get More Qualified Technicians

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Join BlueRecruit to Simplify the Hiring Process

Our own Tony Mercury sat down with Rich Camacho, CEO of BlueRecruit, recently to talk about BlueRecruit and our new partnership, which helps shop owners find more technicians. BlueRecruit is an online platform that matches skilled tradespeople with companies looking for new employees. The platform matches job seekers and employers in 15 industries, including the automotive sector. Autoshop Solutions customers also receive 12 percent off on hiring credits for BlueRecruit!

Get More Qualified Technicians

Rich said they created the platform after his father-in-law, an auto body painter, was looking for a new hire. He created a job posting for an auto body painter and got experienced house painters instead. He was confused and sought help from Rich, and that’s how the idea of BlueRecruit was born. Rich and his wife, Gina, imitated dating sites when creating their platform. He knew there was a massive need because the trades struggled to find enough recruits. Rich says filling jobs is the number one problem regardless of what trade industry. Finding certified mechanics is at the top of the list.

“The biggest thing that folks are doing right or wrong is the speed at which they are approaching recruiting,” Rich said. “It is a job seekers market.”

The Hiring Process

“It’s all about engaging with people and doing it fast,” Rich added. In today’s hiring market, he said going out there and being proactive and reaching out to people via text message is important. Don’t leave voicemails, as 99.9 percent of recruits see a text and respond versus a phone call or email.

Tony and Rich agree that shop owners must shorten the hiring process and speed up the cycle to get more candidates instead of dragging it out. He stresses the importance of understanding that people have lives and being able to adjust to let them live those lives is an integral part of finding good candidates.

Tony talks with a lot of shop owners, young and seasoned. He points out that candidates will look at photos on your website and your social media to ensure your shop, equipment, and scan tools are up to date. They will look at reviews and see what life is like in your shop. Rich says their first impression when they go on your website is immediate. They will know if you are legit or not. When deciding where to go to work, the younger crowd will recognize that and think you aren’t genuine if your social media isn’t up to date or active.

What’s a Shop Owner to Do?

Start early so you don’t have to play catch-up later. Rich says to develop those apprenticeship programs or create training programs with incentives. It builds loyalty, and employees will stick around longer with added perks. Techs can have a long-term career path, make a good living, and not have the debt of a four-year college degree.

To learn more about BlueRecruit and their program, visit their website at

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