FAQs About Direct Mail Marketing for Auto Shops

Frequently Asked Questions About Direct Mail Marketing for Auto Shops

Frequently Asked Questions About Direct Mail Marketing for Auto Shops

Direct mail is one of the most common forms of direct marketing, and can increase car counts for nearly any automotive shop.

The most cost-effective option is a “saturation mailing” – which means selecting carrier routes in the area surrounding your shop, and mailing postcards to every household on each route.  If you are a general auto repair shop, or work on many different vehicle makes and models, this is most likely your best option when mailing postcards.

Another option is to send a “targeted mailing.” In short, this means selecting households based on specific demographics you’d like to target.  We can purchase mailing lists based on nearly any criteria – including vehicle makes, models or years, or household income, etc.  If you’d like to mail to your existing customers, we’re able to do that as well!

How Does Direct Mail Work?

Rizzoli's Direct Mail Postcard Example

We recommend starting with a three-month direct mail campaign. This means selecting a group of people to mail to, and then sending the same postcard to them once a month for three months.

The average customer takes his or her car in for service four times a year – which means about once every three months. During the three months you’re mailing postcards, there’s an extremely high likelihood that your recipients will need some kind of service or work done on their cars.

What Makes Autoshop Solutions Different?

What makes Autoshop Solutions’ direct mail program different is that it is specifically designed to work for automotive repair shops, and we integrate your mail campaign seamlessly with online marketing to create a new, highly effective approach.

Each postcard we create has a unique URL and QR code, that takes your customers to a custom-designed website landing page. This landing page matches your auto shop’s main website in color and design, and is mobile-friendly. Not only does this landing page display your direct mail offers, but it also allows customers to schedule appointments, reach your main website, and more.

Autoshop Solutions' unique direct mail process for auto shops

Once your postcards hit the mailboxes, your new leads will be funneled into an automatic follow-up system. Using the Google Display Network, online ads matching your postcard campaigns will follow your website visitors around the Internet after they leave your website. This program drastically increases your campaign’s lifespan, keeping your message and offer in front of them until their car is due for service. That way when they do decide to take their car in, your auto shop will be the first on their mind!

Can You Customize a Mail Campaign to Fit My Shop?

Our direct mail designs are 100% customizable, and are custom designed to represent your brand, logo and colors with offers that achieve your goals. This unique combination of branding and know-how ensures the highest response rates.

Dinan Postcard Example

Economy Tire Direct Mail Postcard Example

What Offers Should I Print on My Postcards?

Unlike some of our competitors, the offers on your postcard, as well as the pricing on those offers, are completely up to you!  With that said, we recommend making at least one of those offers an oil change special – they have the highest response rates.

What is the Turnaround Time?

Once you’ve approved your postcard design and decided who you’d like to mail to, we can have postcards in mailboxes in two weeks or less.

What is Included?

Our pricing is all-inclusive, and covers everything from start to finish:

  • Autoshop Solutions' Direct Mail Samples Card Design
  •  Card Printing
  •  Postage and Handling
  •  Integrated Website Landing Page
  •  Remarketing Online Advertising Campaign
  •  Tracking Phone Number

There are no hidden fees, and each proposal we send out details exactly what you’re paying for.

How Do I Get Started?

If you are interested in learning more about Autoshop Solutions’ direct mail program or would like to get started simply give Erica a call at (919) 415-1723 or contact us online and we will be happy to help!

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