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When a car breaks, over 90% of consumers are looking online to find where to bring it to. If you don’t have a website, the very minimum of online advertising, you are getting left out of the conversation. Many repair shops think that their word of mouth and long time standing in the community is enough to keep the new customers coming in.

When it comes down to it, there is always going to be a new repair shop opening. That shop may be closer to your customer’s home and they decide to go there. Maybe they got a new job on the other side of town and there’s a closer repair shop there. Guess how those repair shops are getting found — by having a website.

Why do I NEED a website though?

This is going to be the first place a new customer interacts with your company and brand. This is where they are finding out what sets YOU apart from the competition.

Do you offer a free shuttle service?

Do you have a posh waiting room with fancy coffee and free snacks?

Do you offer Rideshare services back to work (Uber/Lyft)?

Did you recently win a local award?

Do you offer an awesome warranty?

All these are very important deciding factors when deciding where to go. While it may be something you see every day and don’t think about it much anymore, the new customer hasn’t “met” you online and will learn about all of these from your website.

Looking for a new Technician or Service Advisor?

Not only will your new website help you get more new customers, it can help you find that the all-star Technician or Service Advisor you have been looking for. Create a career page and let them know why they would want to work there. 401k? Health Benefits? Vacation Time? These are all things quality employees are looking for. You can even take it a step further and have a form so they can apply online!

There are many other reasons why having a website will impact your business. The real question I have for you is, how much more successful could your repair shop be if you had a website? Maybe you just found your 2019 New Year’s Resolution.

Tony Mercury

Tony Mercury