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One of the most-used features in our Marketing Program is the Call Tracking Phone Number. If you are unfamiliar with it, this phone number allows us to track the conversions that come from calls on the website. The way it works is when the software detects your main shop number, it replaces it with your tracking phone number. We call this dynamic number swapping.

Every website that is using a call tracking phone number has its main shop number coded into the website. This allows us to keep your business name, address and phone number (NAPs) consistent with the listings for your business. NAP consistency is what drives your SEO program to perform at its best. Let’s take a look at how your business can utilize both a call tracking phone number and search engine optimization.
1. Google has made it no secret how important NAP consistency is to your SEO success. Having different phone numbers in listings will confuse Google’s algorithm which can hurt your SEO. If the call tracking number is installed properly on your website, directories will not pick up your call tracking number and include it in your listings.

2. Another main concern business owners have about using call tracking numbers is that they will not be able to keep the number. Most of the phone numbers that are used for call tracking are portable. If you decide you no longer want to use this phone number on your website but want to hold onto it, you can!

3. A large part of your SEO program is to send out the correct NAPs for your business to online directories. This consistency ensures that if your call tracking phone number finds its way into one of your online listings, we are going to be able to provide it with the accurate information.

4. Lastly, call tracking software allows us to easily and accurately calculate the new lead traffic that is being driven to your website. Most customers rely on the search engine to get the phone number to reach out to your shop. By being able to separate the callers who have already called your shop from the ones who are calling for the first time, we can see the number of new leads that are being driven to your website.

Call tracking phone numbers are becoming increasingly popular to provide an accurate look at website conversions. If used properly in the ways listed above, your shop will have SEO and Marketing success. Reach out to your Account Manager today to find out more about our Call Tracking Phone Numbers and SEO programs!

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