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Bring Your Website to Life!

Bring Your Website to Life!

What Makes an Awesomely Beautiful Website?

Quality Design + Quality Development = Amazing Website

Let’s face it, most websites are pretty boring or just plain awful. They lack that certain “Je Ne Sais Quoi” that you find when you look at a beautiful painting or exquisite sculpture. After all, a website is supposed to drive business first and foremost. Who really cares if it’s truly a piece of art? Well, I have news for you – your potential customers care. Of course, most of the time you will never know they think your website is terrible because you will never hear from them.
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A Bad Website Does More Harm than a Beautiful Website Does Good

Think about how you feel when you walk into a restaurant and the first thing you see is a Sanitation Grade that is anything other than an A. If you are anything like me, you will immediately begin to scrutinize every flaw that exists. Most likely, you will simply turn around and leave. Your website may be looked at the same way. Customers will not flock to your business simply because your website is beautiful, but they sure will stay away if you portray an unprofessional image, thanks to a terrible website.

How to Make Sure my Website Isn’t Terrible

There are many ways to ensure your website is professional and properly illustrates your business’ attitude and style. First and foremost, hire a professional! Professional designers understand the latest trends in not only design but usability. Usability will increase customer conversions from your website because the most important information is front and center. A professional designer will listen to your thoughts and provide suggestions regarding what he/she thinks will work best. It is important to note the design process is not a one way street. Feedback regarding a design, and input in the initial phase will help to make sure your website represents your business. If you are confused why a designer put a particular item in a particular spot, simply ask. A true professional will be happy to explain the reasoning for any design element that has been incorporated into your website design and offer other options if necessary.

Web Development, Bringing the Site to Life

Another important phase of the process is, of course, the actual construction of the website. This is no less an art form than the design process itself. A professional web developer will carefully construct your website to make sure the coding allows your site to be indexed properly by the search engines in the most efficient manner possible. This is also the phase in which all those flat graphics spring to life, creating a more interactive experience for you customers. A true professional developer will know when and where to use some of these nifty tricks without going overboard. A website can quickly go from cool to gimmicky to downright obnoxious if you are not careful. A ‘less is more’ approach is a good rule of thumb in regards to this area.

Design and Development – a Marriage of Form and Function

It has been my experience the best websites are created when the designer and developer work hand-in-hand. The two disciplines are so closely intertwined that it is natural to expect the best results when it is a collaborative process. That is why working with an agency like Autoshop Solutions, where the developers and designers regularly work together, will yield the best website for your business. Our team consistently works together to solve problems ranging from how to best incorporate a multi-location shop’s newest location to the best way to display a special promotion or event. Contact us today to see how we can create a work of art for your automotive business.

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