Brand Cohesiveness and Great Logos

The Importance of Brand Cohesiveness Part 2: Creating an Eye-Catching Logo

The Importance of Brand Cohesiveness Part 2:  Creating an Eye-Catching Logo

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Success Begins with a Good Logo

Brand cohesion for your business starts with an eye-catching logo representing your brand and company. Setting up your company's branding starts with a good logo. It is essential to your success and getting your business recognized to set the tone early on. Your logo represents who you are and makes you stand out from the competition. Having an effective logo helps your business's recognition and identifies you more easily.

The Starting Points

  • Choose a COLOR scheme that pairs with the company’s personality.
  • Pick a FONT that’s in line with the tone and voice of the shop.
  • Use IMAGERY that compliments the whole process to reinforce the shop’s image.

Great Logos Make the Difference

Here are some things to keep in mind when creating your logo.

  • Make sure it communicates what you do or the service you provide.
  • Your logo needs to allow growth for your business. Will it scale with your business if you add more locations or offer different services? Don’t limit yourself by using a specific kind of car or including a single service.
  • It should match and create the correct tone for your business. Do you have a fun or professional environment? Do you work on high-end cars or classic vehicles? Do you offer general repairs for all makes and models? Think about how you want to portray yourself and what you want to provide now and in the future.
  • Is your logo unique? Make sure it stands out from your competitors and is memorable for your customers. A reverse image search is a good trick to check to ensure you haven’t copied anyone or are too close to something else, such as the wrong industry.
  • It’s important that your logo scales well. You want it to work in small and large formats. It should look just as good on a billboard as it does on a business card or shirt.
  • Your logo and colors should look good over dark and light backgrounds.
  • Consider how you will display it in your shop. Will your logo work if cut on a router or made in 3D? You should think about signage and displays.

The Benefits

All the thought and work going into your logo will be worth the benefits.
Brand cohesion sets a tone for your business, engages your customers, and shows professionalism. And that starts with your logo. You need to be certain it conveys the image you want to portray.

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