Don’t Panic. Take Advantage of Social Media!

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok. All platforms that YOUR shop should be using to put your brand in front of new customers. Learn about why and how social media should be a vital part of your marketing strategy!

Easy Ways to Increase Customer Satisfaction – Part 1

As a shop owner, you’re not only in the business of providing auto parts and labor for your customers – you’re also in the business of customer service. Depending on your location, there are likely several competing shops within a few miles of your own. Your customers already expect repair results, so your level of

How to Increase Your Car Count with New & Returning Customers

Let’s Fill Your Service Bays! Before we dive in and spill our secrets on how to increase your shop’s car count, it’s important to determine your business goals first: Are you focusing on an increase in new customers? Do you need your one-time customers to become lifetime customers? Do you need your loyal customers to

How SEO & PPC Work Together

Discover how both paid search and organic search with Autoshop Solutions can work together to dramatically improve the number of cars in your bays.

The Importance of Online Reviews

It’s hard to know who you can trust when it comes to getting your car serviced. Fortunately, online reviews are a great way to get recommendations! That also makes them an important focus for auto repair shops. Reviews help potential customers know what to expect from your business. They are produced by real people that