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It’s a new year with new goals and new resolutions! We’d like to add a quick and easy resolution to check off your list – to become an email boss!

From receiving appointment requests to ordering parts, sending and receiving emails can become part of your daily routine while at the shop. Why not enhance your email productivity by gaining access to all of the tools and resources provided to you through Google’s G Suite?!

By creating a G Suite account, formerly known as Google Apps for Work, your world of communicating, storing, collaborating and managing will become wide open with endless possibilities. You will be able to create an unlimited amount of domain-based emails for your team through Gmail – providing them with a simple interface, 30GB of initial storage, and 24/7 live support from the Google help center, in case any issues arise. In addition, each individual domain-based email account will have access to several Google products including, but not limited to, the Calendar, Hangouts, Drive, Docs, and Sheets.

Do you and your team link your email accounts with Outlook? Do your technicians use iPads in the shop? G Suite is fully capable to interact and sync with both of these email-providing platforms. There are extensive online G Suite help forums and instructions for you and your team to take advantage of that cover a variety of topics such as email and contact migrations, setting up devices, creating forwarding addresses, etc.

If you’re interested in switching email providers and starting a G Suite account for your shop, give your Account Manager a shout! We’d be happy to help set up your new domain-based Google G Suite account for you and your team to enjoy. We’ll even help you transfer over all of your emails from your current provider to your new accounts. Let’s get you on the track to becoming an email boss today!

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