Announcing: Google My Business Videos! - Autoshop Solutions

Google has launched an exciting new feature available to all business owners with a Google My Business listing: Google My Business Videos. Business owners and customers alike will have the ability to upload videos, 30 seconds or less, directly to Google My Business listings that anyone searching will be able to see.

Not much is known about the impact these videos will have in the SEO-realm at this time, but that said, Google has a clear pattern of introducing heavily user-experience-based features that ultimately end up having measurable implications in a website’s ranking and visibility. However, what is clear to us immediately is the potential, both good and bad, that this kind of feature brings with it, from customers reviewing on-site to businesses highlighting their specialty services in 30-second windows.

The only two hard facts we know of this program so far is that we are limited to 30-second clips, and there will be an inappropriate video flag function.

We have been beta testing this feature since January and are now prepared to start testing the waters with our clients at-large. Over the next few months, we will begin rolling out one unique Google My Business Video to all of our current SEO clients. Of course, we will continue to update everyone on what we discover as we make progress through this project.

Charlie Needham

Charlie Needham