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Tools for Stronger Ranking & Readability

Useful Tools for Your Website

Do you want your website to rank well with search engines and read well? There are a few tools that you can add to your website’s pages to boost their credibility with search engine algorithms and make them easier for your customers to use! Integrations can make it easier to reach your website, call your shop, or find it on Google Maps. If your website isn’t using these features already, consider adding them to increase its credibility and usability.

Google My Business (GMB)

When potential customers are searching for an auto repair shop, they want to know that your shop is conveniently located near them. Using your GMB listing to show a snapshot of your location on your site is a great visual for potential customers so they can see if you are near their area. Embedding the link to your GMB listing in your content can direct customers to your location when they are ready to seek your services. Not only does this make the experience easy for people using your site, but it also helps your site appear legitimate to Google’s search algorithms. Having people interact with your site through the link will help Google recognize the legitimacy of your business, which can help you rank better in search results!

Phone Tracking

You might notice that your website from Autoshop Solutions doesn’t list your shop’s exact phone number. Autoshop Solutions uses links on your website to track how many people click to call. From there, we can track which calls convert into appointments for your shop! Similar to using a GMB listing on your site, having a phone number that your customers can easily interact with makes their experience on your website seamless and simple. Don’t make them go searching for your contact information!

Local Landmarks

Another tool to boost legitimacy for your website is to include local landmarks. If your shop is located near a local park, community center, or city-famous restaurant, it could be useful to include that so your customers can pinpoint your location. Just be sure not to use a business that might close, or be careful to update the locations you choose to share in your content. Including points of reference on your website shows search engines that your shop is a real business in a real place, which can help you rank better in local searches.

External Links

Are you part of the NAPA AutoCare Program? Are your technicians ASE Certified? If your shop has any standout information, awards, or involvement you want to share on your website, do it with an external link! You can link directly to the website that explains the details of your warranty coverage or the award you won in your community. This makes it easier for your customers to learn about your shop and helps search algorithms link your website to other credible ones in the industry!

If you need help adding these helpful tools to your website, ask your Account Manager at Autoshop Solutions! We are here to keep your site competitive and updated with the latest features.

Amanda Sanchez

Amanda Sanchez