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5 Ways to Stay Active on Facebook

Facebook and Google both really love when a Facebook page is active. An active Facebook page will lead to an increase of engagement and fans on the page. It’ll also help boost your SEO and increase your Google rankings. Being active on Facebook does not have to be stressful or time consuming. Here are a few things you can do to stay active on your social media pages.

1. Post Pictures

We all walk around with phones with cameras, so why not use it? Your Facebook followers will enjoy seeing things that go on behind the scenes of your business. Taking the team out to dinner? Post a picture of your business supporting a local business. Quick, organic pictures are sure to boost your page engagement.

2. Respond to Followers

Make your page a place for conversation. Whether it’s in the direct messages or comments on a post, talk with your fans. Frequently, people who message a page are looking to do business with the page, so make sure you respond to those in a timely manner. If someone leaves a comment on your post, make sure you react (like, love, haha) to it and reply if necessary.

3. Post a Job

What better place to share your open positions than with people who already support your business? Use Facebook’s new job posting tool to reach those closest to you. The applications go straight to your Facebook inbox where you can choose whether or not to start a conversation with an applicant. Facebook ads can also help boost out your posting (or any other content) if you need some help.

4. Share Your Reviews

When someone leaves a great review on your page, you’ll want to put it where someone can see it! Facebook reviews can be shared in two clicks! Make sure you thank the person who wrote the review, so that they know how much you appreciate it.

5. Repost from Other Sources

Many a lunch break has been spent scrolling down Facebook. Next time you see a funny or heartwarming video, share it on your business’ page. Remember – your content should not be just about your shop. Sharing posts from other local businesses or industry topics shows that there are actual humans behind the screens.


As always, your page should show the personality that has gotten your shop to the place it is now! Have questions about how to take your social media to the next level? Our social media team is ready to help!

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