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Small businesses are the lifeblood of our local communities. That’s why it’s important to host and participate in community events. The best way to use your internet marketing to support your community event is to use social media to reach people where they are.


For the past seven years, Dynamic Automotive has hosted a car show to bring the community together and support a local organization. This year, they wanted to use their monthly Facebook ad budget to promote the event. In putting together this campaign, we utilized these 4 essentials of a great Facebook event promotion.

  1. An Event Page

  2. This page will serve as home base for all things related to your event. Pro tip: Use an eye-catching image for your cover photo.

  3. Facebook Ad Budget

  4. As we mentioned before, Facebook gives priority to posts coming from a person’s family and friends. In order to get your event out to a larger audience, use ads. If you’re hosting a specialty event like an antique car show or a women’s clinic, you can utilize demographic targeting to reach certain groups of people.


  5. Updates!

  6. Constantly update on both event and brand pages! Keep your event in front of people by updating regularly. Ideas for updates include pictures from a previous year’s event, an announcement of a new sponsor or prizes that will be given away at the event.

  7. Show the Fun!

  8. It’s important to capture the spirit of your local community in your event. During the event, post pictures and video. After the event, share any pictures and video you have on the event page and your brand page. These images can be used for future posts as well.

Over the 28 days we promoted this event, we were able to reach over 20,000 people! Most of those people had never heard of Dynamic Automotive before. We were able to grow the likes on their brand page by 11%. Also, compared to the 2015 event, people who were interested in the event rose 1117%, and those who said they were going to the event rose 185%!

Interested in seeing what Facebook ads can do for you and your brand? Give us a call, we’d love to talk about it with you!

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