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4 Changes to your Brand Google+ Page

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Recently, Google has made some pretty substantial changes to their Google+ layout for both individuals and brand pages. It’s important to note that this is not the first, nor will it be the last, major update from Google. Over the past few years, Google+ has changed and branched out into several different sub-brands and it will continue to change over time.

For individual Google+ users, the new layout is much simpler to use and pages are less cluttered. For brands, the new layout gets rid of some of the things we’re used to seeing, without much of an explanation for where they have gone. Here are 4 changes to your brand’s Google+ page that you may have noticed.

Some brand information has moved

Your brand’s website, address and phone number have been moved to another place within Google+. Google has added an information panel designated with an ⓘ. Clicking this symbol will bring up this information. Google has also given a bonus with this pop up. When viewed on mobile, it shows any conversation you (the user) have had with a brand. If you’re looking for your number of followers and views, you can also find it on this panel.

Brand photos have been removed

Photos, as a tab, have been removed. Users are going to be able to scroll endlessly to view your Google+ posts, but as of this moment, there is nowhere to see your pictures individually. Also your banner photo will be a little skewed when viewed on mobile or in the information popup.

Some information has been removed from Google+Google+ (2)

If you’re looking for your category and hours of operation, you won’t find it on Google+. Google has moved all this information to your Google Business listing. For the best consumer experience, make sure your Google+ link on your website is going to your Posts page: https://plus.google.com/+(YOUR BRAND NAME HERE)/posts.

Brand reviews have been removed

Google reviews will no longer be housed within the Google+ network. Google reviews have moved to the Google Business listing, which you can see through Google search. The best place for consumers to read and leave reviews is through Google search as shown in the image to the right.

In Summary…

Google+ is still a useful social tool and it continues to help build your SEO. Continue to use the page as a destination for users to learn about your brand’s personality and leave the information and reviews to your Google Business listing. As always, make sure your Google Business listing is correct and up to date, to ensure your consumers can reach you when they need to.

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