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3 Amazing Benefits of WordPress Sites

3 Amazing Benefits of WordPress Sites

And Why You Need One

What do Autoshop Solutions, Disney, New York Times, Google, Facebook, and Sony all have in common? Yes, we’re all successful businesses, but we also each use WordPress to build our websites! For good reason, too. In fact, each WordPress auto repair website developed by Autoshop Solutions is designed to conquer Google, all the while catering to your shop’s every creative need.

How, you ask?

1) Bring On the SEO

In order to achieve a higher ranking in Google for desirable keywords like “auto repair” or “brake repair,” we’ve nailed down the art and science of search engine optimization. One of the greatest benefits of WordPress is that we’re able to infuse it with extremely clean code. Search engines like nice and tidy, organized code, and some of what we can do with WordPress helps search engine bots add your pages into Google search results. This process is called indexing; the sooner Google indexes your shop’s website, the sooner you’ll gain authority in the search engine world.

2) No Annoying Zooming

We all (hopefully) know that mobile-responsiveness is a huge SEO component these days. If your auto repair website doesn’t adjust in both size and format to someone browsing on a mobile phone or iPad, consider that a huge ding from Google. Not to worry, though. We work hard to code our WordPress sites so they adapt to mobile phones and tablets, which makes it easier for your customers to find you! It eliminates the never-ending frustration of needing to pinch and zoom to find what you’re looking for, which ultimately results in potential customers outright leaving your site and hopping onto your competitor’s.

3) Endless Possibilities

If you’re the type of person who wants a website that will work to get you more customers, we can help! Our developers use WordPress to craft the site of your dreams. We’ve spent years perfecting the way we use it, which allows us to give you custom-designed websites with our proprietary implementation, all within a quick amount of time. Many of our clients also choose to add plug-ins, which are applications that are designed specifically for WordPress; you can pull in your Instagram feed or add an events calendar to name a few. If there is something you have in mind, ask us! We’d love to help you experiment with what works best for your shop.

A properly built and managed WordPress site with Autoshop Solutions will jet your auto repair website to the path of success. In conjunction with inherent SEO capabilities, as well as limitless customizable interfaces, our designers and developers will make certain your WordPress website stands out – not only visually, but also at the top of Google!

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